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Our homes bring joy. We come home at the end of the day to relax in comfort. Our homes represent family, friends and moments to be cherished - a child’s first steps, the growth marks on the wall and dinners and special times with family and friends. Home is a place of peace and quiet and a place of activity and fun. Whatever your home means to you, OUR HOMES the magazine and website are here celebrating with you. Our ideas will inspire you to make your home more beautiful, more comfortable and more you.

OUR HOMES – The Magazine

OUR HOMES premium, glossy magazines are available in regions across Ontario. You can’t miss them. We’re the regional authority on all-things home. The stunning homes you’ll discover inside are located right where you live. The products you see are available nearby. Find a local pro or company that can help you buy, sell, fix, improve or decorate your home. Readers tell us time after time that they keep every OUR HOMES magazine and use our publication as a resource for all-things home. That makes us happy.



Join us at ourhomes.ca for tours of fabulous homes, discover new products and find out where you can get them. Learn how to make delicious recipes and get the latest DIY and crafty ideas. Our team is always searching for the latest in seasonal décor for every area of your home, inside and out.

Our Company

OUR HOMES magazine and ourhomes.ca are brought to you by OUR HOMES Media Group Inc., based in Collingwood, ON. About 500,000 OUR HOMES magazines are printed every quarter, reaching millions of readers in regions across Canada.

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Tell us you like and what you would like to see in our magazines and online. Engage with us through social media. We want to celebrate life at home with you.