Creating as Distinct an Atmosphere Outside as Inside


A home that began as a stepping stone is now a showpiece.

OUR HOMES Grey & Bruce Counties Spring 2019
A version of this article originally appeared in the Spring 2019 issue of  OUR HOMES Grey & Bruce Counties, p.38. Find local businesses in our Grey Bruce directory.
Just north of Flesherton amongst the foothills of the Grey Highlands, this home began with the simple feeling that a breezeway should be the precursor to the aura of the house. The wind should be able to pass freely. Guests should feel welcome to enter. The outside should be let in. At the same time, no single design element should serve no less than two functions – the concept of the breezeway is as much about privacy as it is openness.
Outside, overlooking the jutting topography of a seven-acre Grey County property, and to the immaculately landscaped pool yard, collaboratively realized by Clark Pools & Spas and Rock Solid Landscapes, a tastefully tiled deck area is skirted with limestone boulders, sleek steel planters and small gardens, becoming the focal point of a life lived outside.
Rock Solid Landscapes has meticulously created multiple spaces for guests to enjoy the landscape, lounging poolside or at the large dining table. The pump house doubles as a change room and a comfy bar to enjoy a cool drink.
Planter boxes are confined by raw steel courtesy of Howie Welding & Repair, adding a crisp and urbanized finish to the pool yard, complete with a unique overhanging pergola constructed of steel and wood. A floating timber bench in the front yard continues the minimalist feature approach. Rock Solid drilled a hole into a massive rock to support a timber beam that’s as elegant and sophisticated as it is rustic and strong.
The home is skirted by limestone from Maxwell Stone. G.W. Masonry is responsible for the beautifully sporadic stonework that contrasts the dark blueish-black siding adding an organic zest of natural appeal to an otherwise modern finish. In the back corner of the yard lies a stunning fireplace bordered in natural limestone overlooking a pond in the valley.
One of the homeowners is a paramedic, so the home inside is conveniently divided into two distinct zones that allow part of the house to rest while the other side is beaming with energy before the sun comes up.
The main living space is stunning and open, encompassing the living room, dining room and kitchen. All window coverings from Décor Design. A white marble replica quartz countertop on the kitchen island, clad in raw reclaimed barn board and a white herringbone tile backsplash is opposed by a fireplace and entertainment centre clad in steel on the other side of the room. 
The master bedroom is as unique as the home’s layout. Facing north on the main floor, the bedroom gives way to the master bathroom, and to the pool – an homage to the home’s open breezeway beginnings. 
Upstairs, the children rule the roost, with two east-facing bedrooms above a double garage, complete with their own communal bathroom and a common area geniously geared toward the eventual teenaged necessity for private space. 
“We were trying to think ahead,” explains the owner. “We hope to stay here [but] we’re project people. We enjoy looking for property – but having the kids, having the pool – we really like having the privacy. We like to be a little out of town, and the goal is to be here.”
This home is a true testament to a life lived together as much as it is about giving each other privacy and room to grow. The charm in the protective spirit of this place is in its ability to harness the modern family dynamic and hold it close. There’s no doubt this was always meant to be a wildly impressive house by design, but first and foremost, it’s the spirit of a beautiful home that shines through.