Pretty Pied-à-Terre in Westboro has Presence


See what happens when industrial grit meets soft interior elements.

Our Homes Ottawa Fall 2018A version of this article originally appeared in the Winter 2018/2019 issue of  OUR HOMES The City of Ottawa, p.32. Find local businesses in our Ottawa directory.
This pleasingly tranquil Westboro condo breezes with softness and calm. The current homeowner’s design decisions were almost reactionary to the gritty industrial appearance that the soft loft-style condo had under the tenure of the previous homeowner: concrete ceilings, lots of grey, exposed ductwork and undeniably hard edges in the design. “I liked the industrial look because of the drama and visual interest, but it was cold,” says the homeowner. 
With the help of Amsted Design-Build, she did major renovations, finishing the walls predominantly with Benjamin Moore Super White, save for in the master bedroom and splashes of colour with accessories and furniture. Throughout her condo, you’ll see moulding from the House of Fine Carpentry and rounded edges. Drop ceilings were installed to cover exposed wiring, and ductwork was painted white, as have the concrete ceilings. Small shelves serve as makeshift galleries to display objets d’art and infuse the home with colour.
The homeowner placed 100-inch french doors with snazzy hardware throughout her home, displaying a decidedly Parisian influence.
The homeowner placed stunning light fixtures from The Electrical & Plumbing Store to complement each other and direct the eye. In the living room, the fireplace is cosy and chic, again leveraging the contrast that white provides, set against slate tile.
The master bedroom is separate from the rest of the home, both literally and from a design standpoint. The soft white that characterizes the rest of the home plays a supporting role here, with a textured feature wall set against walls brushed with Benjamin Moore’s Woodlawn Blue and accessories.

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Photography by Gordon King
In the foyer and in various other areas in the condo, moulding softens hard edges. Mirrors help enlarge the look of the space and black accents offer contrast.

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Photography by Gordon King
The use of white in the open concept kitchen/living/ dining area makes an elegant statement in this Parisian-style condo. White catches and releases the light, amplifying the awareness of space and calm. Sightlines are generous, creating a sense of height, space and tranquillity.

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Photography by Gordon King
A large quartz island anchors the open space and is a study in contrasts. Dark cabinets and black accents on the light fixtures bring drama.

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Photography by Gordon King
Ductwork and ceilings painted white contribute heavily to the overall effect of the Parisian apartment feel in this Ottawa condominium’s dining area.

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Photography by Gordon King
The cosy, quiet living room features built-ins and an angled fireplace that takes advantage of the available space.

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Photography by Gordon King
The office emits Parisian sentimentality with tall ceilings and a pretty Versailles-inspired chandelier painted white. A sewing table is at the ready to handle textile projects.

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Photography by Gordon King
White still prevails in the décor of the den, while a red wall hanging and table bring personality.

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Photography by Gordon King
A textured accent wall creates a pleasing focal point in the master bedroom.

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Photography by Gordon King
The edges of the bevelled mirrors in the master bedroom are soft and move the light well.

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Photography by Gordon King
Frosted panes in this french door provide privacy and style for the en suite.

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Photography by Gordon King
Simple, clean lines characterize the guest bathroom. Large format tiles and a floating vanity give it a contemporary look, while wicker baskets and open shelves bring a French country feel.