Froggies Song in Glorious Bloom in Grey County


Be inspired by the glorious garden paths in this memorable garden.

A version of this article originally appeared in the Spring 2018 issue of  OUR HOMES Grey & Bruce Counties, p.60. Find local businesses in our Grey Bruce directory.
A beautiful oasis of gardens planted by Barbara and Morgan Weatherall is about to burst into life this spring. The property, affectionately known as Froggies Song, is a one-of-a-kind display of blooms, colourful sheds, garden ornaments and a lily pond. The garden is one of the stops on the Rural Gardens of Grey and Bruce Counties Network tour.

Ron Sharron of Yesterdays Garden Centre Landscaping & Construction helped construct arbours, a gazebo and walkway, while Barbara sourced trees and elements for her fairy garden from Westside Nurseries & Greenhouses Ltd. Outdoor furniture is from The Fyre Place & Patio Shop. Supplies via Centre Grey Building Supplies.

Barbara started planting a single garden as a way to distract herself from worrying when Morgan was working out of town with their company Weatherall Dock and Dredge. Over the years, one garden turned into another and soon into the storybook-like landscape of today. 
The Weatherall home itself is rich in family history. The stone foundation is made from the large field stones that formed fence rows on Morgan's old family farm. Inside, antiqued elm flooring and slate lead into the open-concept dining area and the kitchen, which was updated in recent years with the help of designer Carla Pavlov of CR Designs. Hanging cabinets that once divided the kitchen and dining area were torn out and replaced with rich, cherry wood cabinets (Exquisite Wood Designs Inc.) and new appliances (Macdonald’s Furniture & Appliances), which together create a contemporary space.
“When you walk in, the first thing your eyes rest on is the dining room with a crystal and black wrought-iron, chandelier, which adds a touch of glamour above the country dining table near the doors to Barb’s gardens,” explains Pavlov. On the wall next to the table hangs beautiful acrylic art by Carol Norris, owner of the Light House Photo Gallery.
“We utilized found space by having the closets professionally organized by Bob Wilson, owner of Wilson Solutions,” Pavlov explains. “We did away with the furniture and opted for a built-in armoire and detailed it with mirror to reflect light.”
The Weatheralls’ property has really come full circle since Morgan used to cut hay there as a child. Building from the ground up, raising a family, operating a business and creating exquisite gardens on its grounds, history continues to write itself at the Weatheralls’ home down the old country lane outside of Markdale, overlooking the valley.