An Elegant Home Reno Turns Into a Design Career


This homeowner enjoyed the process of renovation and design so much she made a career of it.

OUR HOMES Oakville-Burlington-Mississauga Fall 2018A version of this article originally appeared in the Fall 2018 issue of  OUR HOMES Oakville Burlington Mississauga, p.26. Find local businesses in our Oakville directory. 
When Sandra Martone of Sandra Martone Interiors and her family custom-built their home in the beautiful Bailey Estates in Oalville over 18 years ago, French Country was the popular aesthetic. As the flair of French Country faded, the Martones found themselves looking around and questioning what to do next.
“When we built our house, we were young,” says Sandra. “We didn’t complete the finishes the way we wanted, so we thought, either we update the home or we move.” Still in love with the bones of the home that they’d carefully created, seven years ago they decided to tackle a major renovation of the first floor.
The project became part of what inspired Sandra to enter the design world. She’s worked on many projects since, from new builds to full renovations of homes and condos. She’s also furnished spaces for clients with winter homes in Naples, Florida.
Known now for yer timeless yet elegant interiors, Sandra creates casual, comfortable, upscale designs that reflect each and every client’s individual lifestyle. And she’s loving every minute of it. “I just got thrown into the fire,” she says. “It’s nice that I’ve been able to take a passion that I probably didn’t even know I had, and since then, over the course of the last seven years, the business has grown, and it’s a lot of fun.” 
She says the home's renovation design was inspired by the Ralph Lauren flagship store in New York, and work by designer Victoria Hagan.
Though the original flooring and tilework remain, the rest of the home received a complete overhaul. Beams and mouldings were added to accent the soaring ceiling height and add interest to the walls and dormer window. 
Doors flank the floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace – one set leads to the master retreat, the other set houses the television to create visual balance. Transoms over the interior doors add character. Walls throughout are painted Benjamin Moore’s Ivory White. “Not a lot of people use this colour because of the yellow undertone, but to me, our house lends itself to the creams and browns, so having the yellow undertone is great,” says Sandra. “It works with our flooring, it works with our stone, and it works with everything. I am drawn to creams and browns.”