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October 26, 2018

Fall 2018 // Fire it up at Mackenzie Fireplaces with the latest for indoors and out.

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Glenn Hammill, Mary Hammill and Mike Wilbur.


THE PLACE: Nothing creates a cosy space like a fireplace once the cooler weather hits. Owned by Glenn and Mary Hammill, Mackenzie Fireplaces has over 25 years of experience in the business to help you find the best fit for your home. Offering a full line of gas, wood and electric units, the company sells outdoor products too, and also has a professional mantel designer who can custom fit your mantel. “The fall is a good time to replace your old fireplace with a new, more efficient fireplace,” says Mike Wilbur, the staff gas technician at Mackenzie Fireplaces. “Our fireplaces will still work even if your electricity goes out.”
WHAT’S IN STORE: No matter your preference – wood-burning or gas – at Mackenzie Fireplaces, you’ll find a wide variety of models to choose from. “We have wood-burning fireplaces as well as Kingsman Gas Inserts and Rasmussen Gas Logs for your current wood burning fireplace,” says Glenn. “We also have electric fireplaces by Amantii and Modern Flames, and for your outdoor kitchen and living areas, we have Solaire Infrared Built-In Grills, gas fire pits, wood fire pits and pizza ovens.” For your new custom home or renovation, they carry Town & Country, Kingsman, Montigo, Sierra Flame and Genesis Gas Fireplaces on display in their new showroom.
THE STYLE: Whether you lean toward classic or prefer sleek and contemporary, you’ll find plenty of options to suit your taste at the new showroom in Vaughan. “We have a full selection of modern linear gas fireplaces with crushed glass media, rocks and driftwood as well as traditional gas fireplaces with logs,” says Glenn.
WHAT’S TRENDING: Just like home interiors, the fireplace styles have evolved over time. “Traditional gas fireplaces have changed from the standard grills to the new clean view, with a stone border,” says Glenn. “The newest trend for gas fireplaces is the modern linear fireplaces with crushed glass and rock media.”
TOP PICKS: With so much to choose from, which units do the people at Mackenzie Fireplaces like most? “I prefer the new modern linear fireplaces with porcelain reflective panels, interior lights and reflective crushed glass media with rocks,” says Glenn, of his personal picks.
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