SPOTLIGHT // Niagara Falls // The One Stop Fireplace Shop


Fall 2018 // The One Stop Fireplace Shop in Niagara Falls is bound to spark your interest.

OUR HOMES Niagara Fall 2018A version of this article originally appeared in the Fall 2018 issue of  OUR HOMES The Niagara Region, p.40. Find local businesses in our Niagara directory

Rob Booth, Anna Dobbin, Chantelle Miller,
Leslie Brown and Harry Walker
THE PLACE: Rob Booth didn’t have a burning desire to get into the fireplace and barbecue business as a career. The Niagara Falls man was running a successful alarm business with his father, Terry, when their curiosity was sparked by the prospect of owning and operating The One Stop Fireplace Shop. The previous owners were looking to sell and both father and son knew a good business plan when they saw one. “They had success, and I thought it was a neat business so we pursued it,” Booth recalls. That was nine years ago. Today One Stop is one of the region’s largest fireplace and barbecue retailers, and the business lives up to its name. “We truly offer one-stop shopping,” Rob says. “You can come in, purchase your fireplace, and we’ll do the installation, including building the mantel, doing the stonework – whatever you need. Bring us the design and we’ll recreate it.”
THE APPROACH: Rob prides himself on providing service that stays on budget. That’s because he and his staff ask lots of questions to ensure customers get what they want and need. That includes visiting customers’ homes for a “view site” to make sure there will be no surprises with fireplace installations and renovations. “When we complete the transaction, the price we agreed to beforehand is the price we charge because of the view site,” Rob explains.
THE SPECIALTY: One Stop buys directly from manufacturers, which means better prices for customers and the ability to offer exclusive products. The store is the only one in Niagara and Hamilton that sells Primo brand, a versatile line of oval, kamado-style grills. The shop also features Saber barbecues with their unique infra-red cooking system that guarantees no flare-ups, and ensures food doesn’t dry out on the grill. Ambience Fireplaces and Solatube daylighting systems are among the other unique products offered.
THE NEWS: The One Stop Fireplace Shop has been renovated to give the store a more contemporary look. More than half the store’s displays have been updated in the process. Rob has also added a new line called Fireplace Xtraordinair, a line offering something unique at every price point.
WHERE: 4332 Drummond Rd., Niagara Falls