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Spring 2018 // Pepper Pot Place grows into a permanent home in Conestogo.

A version of this article originally appeared in the Spring 2018 issue of  OUR HOMES Region of Waterloo p.38. Find local businesses in our Waterloo directory

Anita and Mary Peplow
THE PLACE: Regular visitors to the Christie Antique & Vintage Show will recognize Pepper Pot Place from their popular booth. The careful curators behind the business – Judd, Anita and Mary Peplow – have opened a brick-and-mortar store selling the same stunning selection of vintage and antique items. “In this world of prefab everything, it’s hard to find pieces with character that reflect you, your personality and your surroundings,” says Mary. “We’d love for you to come for a visit to Pepper Pot Place and find that one-of-a-kind piece to enhance your space.” All of the painted furniture in the store is Anita’s handiwork. She’s the resident painter, creating beautiful pieces large and small with chalk paint, although there are unpainted pieces as well. Ask her about the china and glassware in store – she often knows the story behind each piece. Judd has become an expert in lamps and restoring all things vintage.
THE STYLE: “Pepper Pot Place also carries lots of vintage leather, denim and plaid jackets, hats, cowboy boots, chalkboards, globes, and more casual, rustic pieces. There really is a little something for everyone at the store,” says Mary. All three partners know what they like and what their buyers at the Christie Antique & Vintage Show over the last five years have loved, and they fill their space accordingly.
Mary says her parents were design enthusiasts and that has been a lasting influence in her life and style, and now at Pepper Pot Place, too. She’s passionate about styling the space and selecting the paint and fabric for updating furniture pieces. Her services also include interior and retail styling.
WHAT’S HOT: Vintage glass cake plates, whisky decanters, barware and silver are all big sellers. “Those beautiful sets of your grandma’s silverware are making a big comeback,” says Anita. “We have clients who now use and love them every day. Silver was never meant to be packed away.”
FAVOURITES: “I love vintage taxidermy, old faded silk rugs, lamps and mid-century modern,” says Mary. Judd loves very different lamps and Anita’s favourites lean more toward china and crystal. “Our large oversize work table is something we all love and would never part with. The gallery wall directly behind is one of our favourites yet. That one design element really sets the mood for our store,” they say. Judd adds it’s too hard to choose a favourite – everything that comes into the store is a favourite, in a way.
1871 Sawmill Rd., Conestogo
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