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OUR HOMES Oakville-Burlington-Mississauga Holiday/Winter 2018/19A version of this article originally appeared in the Holiday/Winter 2018/19 issue of  OUR HOMES Oakville Burlington Mississauga, p.58. Find local businesses in our Oakville directory. 

Expert tips from around Oakville, Burlington and Mississauga help your home come alive with a symphony of sound, colour and texture.
Tell us about PM WYRE: PM WYRE designs and installs customized easy-to-use technology solutions to enhance the design and function of your home.
What’s new and exciting in the market? We love Samsung’s new lineup of QLED TVs and The Frame TV. Your television no longer has to be a big black blob on the wall, it becomes a piece of art! We are also excited about Seura’s Smart Vanity mirrors that function as touch screens. These can be programmed to display your favourite TV channel, your calendar and your daily agenda.
Advice to clients looking for home automation? Integrate! Today there are apps for everything from doorbells to blinds, but these are largely one-off solutions that don’t talk to one another. We have the expertise to integrate all your technology into one system, allowing you to manage your technology simply from one place on your device – at home or remotely. And an integrated system like those by Crestron allows for modifications to your system as new technologies emerge or as your needs change.

Tell us about Salnek’s Custom Window Treatments: We are your local one-stop shopping destination for custom window coverings. Over the past 30 years, we have grown our locations to include Burlington, Dundas, mid-town Toronto, Markham, Barrie and Collingwood and we employ more than 25 consultants. Our products range from blinds, shutters and custom drapery to motorization and automation.
What’s new and exciting in coverings? Motorization and automation offer comfort with ease of use. More people are choosing to enhance their window treatments with motorized blinds, shades and draperies. The sheer convenience is matched by their home-security benefits, but they offer many other features as well that delight the homeowners who purchase them. Best of all, they are more affordable than ever.
Advice to clients looking for custom window treatments: Plan ahead for seamless window coverings. Whether you are looking for privacy, light and sound control or energy-efficient window coverings, our team will guide and advise you from the initial consult to the final installation.

Tell us about Shades of Home: Everyone says it, most people wish for it and we get to live it: we love what we do. We love helping clients personalize their space, their home, their castle with window coverings. We love giving clients a designer look that wows their friends and family. We especially love it when clients come back to us or refer their friends and family.
What’s trending? Motorized window coverings continue to be in demand. With Smart devices and voice-activated systems from Amazon, Google and Apple, clients can control window coverings, lighting and sound without investing in a stand-alone home automation system. Costs are decreasing and systems are easily upgraded without purchasing new hardware.
What should clients consider when choosing coverings? Consider resale value with functional treatments in neutral tones, and add personality, texture and colour with drapery, sheers or Romans. Think about the private spaces (bedrooms), casual areas (family rooms), formal spaces (living and dining rooms), each with different needs and functions. Whether looking for a designer look or something functional, we have a variety of options and suppliers to choose from.

What is your specialty? Our specially trained paint and décor experts have answers to many common questions every homeowner may have. Paint, stain, wallpaper and décor: we can help with it all.
Colour selection tips? Colour is an interesting thing. It can change dramatically in different light, at different scales, or with different surrounding colours. Colour can also look different on high contrast substrates and with different sheen levels. With so many variables, purchasing a tester pot of paint can be a real lifesaver. If you are having trouble selecting a colour, bring in some inspirational pieces like fabrics or pillows to get a sense of your overall palette. This will help narrow the search to a few choices. You can also consult with one of our colour specialists if you need more help and guidance.
What’s new and exciting? We are pleased to announce the opening of our new store in the beautiful town of Oakville. Located at 216 Oak Walk Dr. we carry a wide selection of in-stock wallpaper and some beautiful décor just in time for the holidays.