Knock, Knock. Who’s There? A New Front Door Is Waiting for You


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When you walk up to your front door do you like what you see? Is it time for a fresh look? Is your door keeping heat in (or out) when you need it most? Try switching out your entrance doors.
Cedarport Window & Door Centre
Entry with sidelites & transom. Photo: L.Patten & Sons
If you are looking for an effective way to improve efficiency, increase curb appeal, be unique and add personal touches to your home, a front entrance door system is an obvious choice to invest in – it’s one of the most used parts of your home.

When to replace your door

The winter is a perfect time to do an inspection on your entry doors.  Look at your exterior doors to determine: 
  • If there are signs of damage due to deterioration or rot. 
  • If joints and hinges on the door are starting to come loose with wear and tear.
  • If you feel air penetrating through the weather stripping or the threshold, this is a good sign the seal is damaged.


Entry with sidelites & transom. Photo: L.Patten & Sons

In many cases, original door systems were designed to have a useful lifespan of about five to seven years, however, with a higher quality system and much improved efficiency, a homeowner can expect new doors to last well over 10 years.


Choosing an entry door system

When it comes to choosing the best replacement doors for your home, give careful consideration to the door’s component design and structure, which are key factors in achieving superior performance. Entrance door systems are being continually improved and retested to comply with ever-changing building codes.
Whether your home is modern, contemporary or a century home there are many options. The three main materials to
Cedarport Window & Door Centre Inc.
Entry with sidelites & arched transom. Photo: Sandy MacKay

choose from are wood, fibreglass or steel. There is an endless variety of styles, whether you like glass or a solid surface, natural, stained or painted doors.

The exterior surface of your home will play a part in how a door system is replaced and installed. For instance, in an older century home where the door frames appear to be inside the brick, replacement can be daunting, but rest assured these can be replaced with many options available in keeping with the original style of the home.


The Cedarport difference


Incorporating the perfect balance of elegance and strength, our doors will elevate the quality and comfort of your home while providing outstanding all-weather protection.

Cedarport Window & Door Centre Inc.
Entry door. Photo: Cedarport Window & Door Centre Inc.


At Cedarport Window & Door Centre, we take the time to work directly with homeowners, listening and understanding their likes and dislikes and helping to choose the right door style for their home.

  • Our manufacturers are experts with innovation and world-class product performance.
  • Our doors are rigorously tested for structural integrity and thermal quality, and consistently meet or exceed nationally recognized and accepted standards.
  • The doors are custom made to the precise measurements of your door openings.

If you are in the market for replacing your entry door, call us to set up a sales appointment or visit cedarport.ca for inspiring options for your exterior door needs.  
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