Weekend Project: Paint Your Front Door


sponsored // Whether you want your door to make a statement, or it needs a refresh, colour expert Sharon Grech helps take it outside.

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Spring weekends are the perfect time to tackle some of those projects that will prepare your space for the outdoor season. Painting is a dramatic and economical way to update your home’s exterior from back to front, and the right colours can make all the difference!
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Where do you start?


>> When selecting paint colour, context is critical, so keep the architectural style and exterior finishes of the home in mind. The options can be overwhelming, so I always recommend choosing colours from an edited collection like Benjamin Moore’s Affinity or Historical collections.

TIP: Understated, earthy colours tend to work the best outside since they are most compatible with natural elements. Hues that at first glance appear dull will come to life with natural light.
>> A well designed exterior typically will not have more than 4 colours in the palette: the main body colour; trim such as window trim, door frame and garage doors; accents such as shutters and decorative details; and finally, a statement colour for the front door.
>> Since it is a relatively small area compared to the rest of your house,Benjamin Moore door B the front door can afford to show more personality and still fit in to the streetscape. 
>> A small paint chip will look very different magnified on a huge area like the exterior of your house.  Always view your selections outside – not just indoors so you can see the true effect of exterior lighting.

>> Test out your colour with a Benjamin Moore Colour Sample first before you commit to gallons of paint!


Quick tips for a weekend door project:


Do the prep work Like any paint project, preparation is critical. If possible, remove the door off its hinges and place it horizontally for painting.  Also remove the hardware from the door and protect glass or areas you don’t want painted with painter’s tape. Ensure the door is clean, dry and sanded smooth before starting, and prime if necessary.

Make a grand entrance Be sure to check out a new palette exclusive to Benjamin Moore’s Aura Grand Entrance product that has been curated specifically for front doors. I am personally loving the bold and fresh new greens: Tavern Door and Crete Countryside!

Accessorize! Select hardware that coordinates with the overall style and colour scheme of your home. Bronze continues to be a trendy metal in home design, so consider updating your door handle, knocker or mail slot with this designer favourite. Hardware, like jewellery, is the perfect finishing touch to make a statement with your front door.

Try one of these fabulous looks for your front door: