8 Items Hiding in Your Pantry and How to Use them Up

May 15, 2017

Follow these 6 steps to a spring pantry cleanse.

Spring Pantry Cleanse
Sorting through your pantry can help not just with your spring cleaning, it can save on your grocery bill and encourage you to get creative with your culinary skills. Using up all the “tidbits” that are lurking in the far reaches of your cupboards can turn into a great meal. If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, try a “freezer cleanse” as well.
We’ve got 6 steps to a pantry cleanse, as well as tips for using up 8 common items that hide in the back of your pantry. 

6 steps to cleanse your pantry:

1. The first step in a pantry cleanse is to pull everything off the shelves. Do one or two cupboards at a time, that way, if you have to stop midway through you won’t have things all over your countertops.

2. Give the shelves a good cleaning. Use a natural or non-chemical cleaner as this is where food resides.

3. Check expiry dates and dispose of anything past its due.

4. Set the things you really want to use on the counter so you can easily access them. You know a half box of pasta will likely be used shortly, however the half bag of buckwheat flour or container of dried porcini mushrooms will need a bit more planning.

5. If you’re not up for cooking, drop off surplus food to your local soup kitchen or community food bank. These organizations will usually accept smaller items, but call first to confirm.

6. Once you have put all the neglected items aside, take out a pen and paper and plan dishes that will incorporate the items you’ve got. Try to combine two or three ingredients together in one dish so that you’ll make quicker work of using up the foods. Search for recipes that contain the ingredients you want to use, or try:,,,,


8 common items that hide in the backs of pantries and how to use them up: