Vintage Kitchen Scale Dessert Platter


Every home can use a beautiful dessert stand. Set yourself apart from the crowd by making your own with a vintage kitchen scale. The platter is magnetized to the stand so you can bring your desserts right to your guests. For a fun twist, paint your scale white and pair it with several different coloured platters.


Analogue Kitchen Scale

Metal Serving Platter (from the dollar store, make sure it’s ferromagnetic)

Adhesive Magnets (business card size or larger)

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and Wax (or an alternative paint appropriate to the scale’s material and sealer)

Paint Brush



Note: Try and choose a kitchen scale with a flat platform, rather than a beveled one. If you can only get a hold of a scale with a beveled platform, you can still do this project but you’ll have three extra steps.

Additional Materials:

1 Bolt and Matching Nut


Drill Bit Appropriate for Metal

Small Block of Wood


Project Instructions:

Skip the first three steps if your scale has a flat platform.

Step 1: Drill a hole the size of your bolt as near as you can to the centre of the scale’s platform.

Step 2: Drill another hole in the wood block. In order to make the bolt sit flush with the surface use a drill bit the size of the bolt’s head to drill an indentation as deep as the bolt’s head in the centre of the wood. Now, using your first drill bit, drill a hole straight through the wood.

Step 3: Line up the hole in the wood block with the hole in the scale platform. Slide the bolt in and tighten the nut firmly.

Step 4: Thoroughly clean your scale of kitchen grime and allow it to dry.

Step 5: Cut your adhesive magnets to size with a pair of scissors and apply to the platform of the scale. Painting will not interfere with the magnet.

Step 6: Using your Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, paint the entire scale except for the analogue dial. You will likely need two coats. Do the same with your metal serving platter.

Step 7: Apply the Annie Sloan Clear Wax and wipe off excess with a J Cloth. When the wax has dried, approximately 5-10 minutes, apply dark wax judiciously to create a vintage look. We recommend edges, corners and crevices as good places to use dark wax. Again, wipe off excess and allow it to dry. Do the same with the metal serving platter.

Note: If you accidently use too much dark wax, you can use more clear wax to lift it away.

Step 8:   Once dry, gently buff the entire surface of the scale and metal platter with a clean J Cloth to give the paint a nice sheen. Annie Sloan Wax takes approximately six weeks to completely cure, be gentle with your dessert stand during this time. Annie Sloan paints are not dishwasher safe.

Step 9: Pop your painted metal platter onto the magnetized platform. Top with a cake for good measure. Remember: always place a paper doily between your baked goods and your platter to minimize wear and tear on the paint.